Saturday, 15 December 2012

Evaluation 4: How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages

While constructing my media coursework and products, there are numerous technologies which i had to use in order to achieve my goals and progress with my products.

The first piece of technology i came across was a mac computer. i was really excited when i found out that i was going to be using this to do my work. However, i had no idea that these computers were so different to windows computers. I spent quiet a bit of time just learning how to use it, but eventually i got there. One of the biggest advantages for using this mac is how easy it is to take a screenshot. Screenshots are used almost everywhere in my coursework, and unlike windows you do not have to print screen and save it as an image, this does it straight away.

Another piece of technology i used was final cut. This program enabled me to edit clips and create a music video. It also lets me add effects and transitions to make my video more professional. Once again i had never come across this program before and had to learn how to use it. This i would say is the second most important media technology i had to use as it was needed to make my animatics, trailer, preliminary tasks and my music video. Once i had learned how to use final cut i really found it interesting when editing my music video, as i could cut to the beat, make clips faster or slower, change to colour and add special effects such as 'dazzle' onto the clips.

I used adobe photoshop to create my digipak and my magazine advert. I have always known that learning how to use photoshop was a really long task. After having my friend teach me the basics about photoshop such as layers, creating my digipak and magazine advert became much more easier. For my digipak back cover, i blurred to background of the image in order to focus the audiences attension on the actor. Secondly, i used the magic wand tool which deleted to background of an image which allowed me to place to image on another without showing its background.

For my music video, i used this canon legria hfs100. This is a high definition camera which allowed us to take HD footage and shots. This camera was quiet easy to use, the menus were simply to flick through, the buttons were easy to see, and switching from movie mode to photomode etc was literally a push of a button. This camera made my life easy in terms of filming to footage and most importantly, it produced HD footage which was a great boost in producing our music video.

This is the exact tripod that my partner and i used to film our music video. We cannot stress enough how important using the tripod is. Using the tripod is allowed us to film steadily without unwanted movement. Moreover, the tripod allowed us to lengthen and shorten each leg so that we could film at really extreme angles and still have the camera clipped to the tripod. In relation, by rotating that little handle attached to the left on the head of the tripod, it raised to height of the camera which allowed us to film at a greater height rather than having to find something to stand on.

For my audience feedback for the ancillary tasks and music video i used my phones. I had download the digipak, magazine advert and my music video on my phone and showed my friends. I made a note of the feedback i recieved and made adjustments accordingly. I feel without feedback, the product cannot be as best is it could be. My teacher also tweeted my music video and ask for feedback, this enabled me to get feedback from a wider age group. As most of my friends that i asked were in our target audience so this feedback was vital for me.

Finally, blogger is the most important media technology that i used because all of my work went onto this. Blogger is really easy to use, there are no problems with it in terms of crashing and also i was able to use it on my phone with was really handy. When i first came across this last year, i was not comfortable and confident with it. However, as time passed and more work went into the blog i started becoming more confident and more comfortable with it. At present i really enjoy posting work onto blog and know how to use it perfectly.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Evaluation 3: What have you learned from your audience feedback

Now that my digipak, magazine advert and music video was complete, i had a chance to gain feedback on all three products. I thought for this evaluation i would do it differently and film this evaluation. After thinking about what to do, i came to a decision that i would film three people from my target audience. I chose 2 males and one female, one male is in thier late 20's and the other in his late teens. The one female is also in her late teens.

Prior to having decided who i was going to film for this evaluation, i sent out a questionnaire to 10 people in my sixth form. The questions are based on my music video so i had them all watch it as many times as they wanted and graphed thier answers.

Above is a bar chart predicting the answers to the question, " On a scale 1-10, 1 being rubbish and 10 being brilliant, what would you rate my music video?" As you can see on the graph all the ratings are above 5, this was really encouraging for me as nobody thought it was rubbish. From this graph i have learned that hard work pays off because i put in hours into filming and editing my video, and to get rating like that really made it worthwhile.

Here is another question which was in the questionnaire, again the feedback was really encouraging as the majority of the audience would in fact download the album after having watched the video itself. The fact that 85% of the audience would buy it again indicates to me that they like the artist, the track and the music video or just one if them. This shows aport from the track that the work my partner and i did to find the artist and my work in editing the video was essential in thier decision in this particular question. In terms of what i learned, it relates directly to what i mentioned above, the work i and my partner put it came to good use in the end.

This is carmella, she is in my media class and i asked her to give feedback on my video. Although she did not say any negatives or improvements she said quiet alot of positives. She mentions that she liked the way i used to black and white colour. Secondly, she mentioned that she liked the way i editied to the beat. In alot of music videos, the visuals are edited to the beat so since our track had a constant beat with noticable riffs, i thought to edit to the beat.

This is mr molloy who is a teacher at my school. He really went into depth when talking about my video. He says that my video is dynamic, and he like the effects that i use. However, he thought that the way he acted could have been defferent. I totally agree with this as i noticed this myself and was a major obstacle when editing the video. Our artist did not lip sync accurtely, i.e. he did not exaggurate his lips enough to the track. To resolve this i replaced the parts where he is not lip synching with other clips in my sequence.

This is rahul who is a member of the sixth form here at park high. Having looked at my digipak and magazine advert he had positives and negative feedback to give to me.

This is the panoramic shot that i included in my digipak and what rahul is talking about. Having looked at other digipaks for inspiration, i came across rihanna's digipak and saw that she also had one shot that covered all 3 of the inner sides. I thought that this was really effective so i decided to take a panoramic shot and use it in my digipak.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Evaluation 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts

Evaluation 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Evaluation 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products

A Shot that shows a link between the lyrics/music and the visuals

 This shot is of the artist lip synching when the lyrics say " head might expole." I have added an effect to this patricular shots called eathquake. It shakes the images as if an earthquake was happening, and becuase the shot is off his head, the earthquake effect makes it look like his head it exploding.

A Shot that amplifies the way the record company want to represent the artist

This shot shows the artist in a studio, the expression on his face is serious and the way he is looking into the camera gripping that mic shows he is confident and serious about what he does, which is his music. This is a good way for the record company to present the artist as it inspires people to be like him, and to be serious in the wrk that we do.

A shot to show how the video depicts its own genre.

When i did research into this genre, i found out that indie rock videos usually have the artist looking scruffy and casually dressed, also have shots of him singing into a mic while lip synching. This shot shows the conventions of the indie music genre that i have researched. His hair is scruffy and all over the place and he is wearing a casual black shirt and i have a lot of shots of him singing into a mic.

A shot that shows intertextual reference

The shot below is from our inspiration and indie rock band the script. I watched this video before filming and tried to replicate this shot. From looking at the shot below, his expression and confidents really stands out and also gives an effect on the audience as they can really connnect with the artist and he is passionate and serious about his work. This is why i decided to include this shot becuase i want our target audience to feel and connect in the exact same way.

A shot that demonstrates the use of the camera

This shot is a canted angled shots as the image is not striaght and really demonstrates the use of the camera. These type of shots are not usually seen in indie music rock videos so i decided to add something different to show the different uses of he camera.

A shot that demonstrates the use of lighting

This shot is a close up of the artist, with a strobe light shining on his face. The setting itself in the studio we turned doen the lights and put more light on his face to focus the audiences attension on him. The strobe light effect gives the impression of a live concert feeling and adds to the visuals making it more dynamic.

A shot that demonstrates the use of mise - en - scene

In terms of mise en scene, aswell as shooting the video in the city near london bridge, i decided to have part of the video shot in the studio. This gives the impression to the audience that the studio is natural to him, its his home and he feels himself there. We put a green/turquoise spotlight on him, whic adds visual effect and also brings out the atmoshere of a live concert.

A shot which demonsttates something which shows you have watched other music videos


The shot below is from my video and the shot above is from the script, " the man who cant be moved." Iv seen this shot of walking feet or legs in a few videos, so i thought it would be good to include in my video. In terms of meaning, i think it just shows a various shot and shows the actor taking a journey or time passing.

Goowin's analysis for music videos

1.Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics (e.g. stage performance in metal video, dance routine for boy/girl band).

When talking about genre characteristics, indie rock consists of a casually dressed actor with scruffy hair a kind of boyband and the actor singing into the mic.

This shot shows exactly goodwins point of depicting the genre characteristics. Although there is not a boyband, the artist looks like the descrpition of the indie rock genre in terms of appearnece and also has a solo of him singing into the mic.

2.There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals (either illustrative, amplifying, contradicting).

This is the same image from above when referring to the relationship between lyrics and visuals. I have put the effect earthquake when the words "head might explode" are sung. This shows a clear relationship between visuals and lyrics and presents goodwins point.

3.The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist and the artist may develop motifs which recur across their work (a visual style).

Above, are various close ups from my video. These are what the record company would want the artist to be portrayed as. From these shots the audience can see his emoitions and really connect with them through thier music and emoitions. In addition tio that, i mentioned above about the last shot. It shows seriousness, and confidence in the artist, which is really inspiring to the audience and gives the indicarion that the artist is confident and serious.

4.There is frequently reference to notion of looking (screens within screens, telescopes, etc) and particularly voyeuristic treatment of the female body

For this point, my video does not really have anything to present this particular goodwin analysis point. But this shot again has to an extent some effect for notion of looking. Its his expression and the way he is staring at the camera which leads to say that this shows the notion of looking.

5.There is often intertextual reference (to films, tv programmes, other music videos etc).

In reference to another music video, i have done the 360 degrees track shot which i grabbed form the script video. Its a really effective technique to use as it shows the setting the actor is in and just changes things up a bit. These are many videos which emply this idea but i chose to stick with this video as you can clearely now tell, this video has been my inspiration 100% as all the shots i used in the video are from this very video.

Vernallis analysis on David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On

1: Narrative

For the narrative, its starts off in this dark and low lit room. And we see a close up of david guetta wearing magnifying goggles. When the audience see this, they instantly think that hes some kind of proffessor/inventor making something at present. They low key lighting and miseen scene gives a tense atmoshere as if something sinister is happening or hes is making something destructive.

As the audience really wants to know what he is making it finally shows us, he is making a robot, the narrative is building as we now know what the main element of this story might be. Could these robots replace humans? or wipe out the human race? These are the kind of questions circulating in the minds of the audience at this point.

Soon after the professor has finshed his creation, it is nicki minaj a real human. And as she steps outside the building these plastic humanlike dolls look at her, she is obviously different to them aswell as the inventor.

After realising that this professor had changed her from theplastic doll into a human they all want to be changed aswell, so they all go to the professorsbuilding knocking on the door demanding to be changed into a human.
The narrative is at a climax here and the story is escalting.

2: Editing

At the begining the music is slow and the texture is thin. This reflects in the visuals as the shot duration is longer and the cuts are not as frequent. But this being a dance music genre, there it definately going to be an upbeat section in this track and also a build up in texture twoards it. In the chorus, the beat is fast and texture is at its thickest and the visuals follow. The cuts are quicker and sharper, there are more various shots with jump cuts.

3. Camera Movement & Framing

In this video the camera movment is not rapid, the framing stands out more in this video. These are quiet a lot of close ups in this video and the framing is central which helpd promote the artist's iconography.

Above are two shots from both the artists in this video. They are both centrally framed in the case on the top its the eye that is central. The camera moves in time with the music and changes the movement in time with the beat of the song. The framing throughout is dominantly center which becomes distinctive within the video.

4: Diegesis

The video consists of many elements of diegesis and there are gaps within it within time and space, music and performance. The close-ups are more significant than other shots shown within the video as we can see above or if we watch the video.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My music video

This is my music video, it is about 80% complete, i just have a few minor adjustments to make.

My magazine advert

This is my magazine cover, it is not completely finished but this is about 80% of what it is going to look like. I kept consistency when using the same font for the album and artist name as the digipak. I produced quotes from relevant magazines and the front cover of the digipak on the magazine cover.